Update the BIC (Bayesian Information Criterion) for parameterized Gaussian mixture models by taking the best from BIC results as returned by mclustBIC.

mclustBICupdate(BIC, ...)



Object of class 'mclustBIC' containing the BIC values as returned by a call to mclustBIC.


Further objects of class 'mclustBIC' to be merged.


An object of class 'mclustBIC' containing the best values obtained from merging the input arguments. Attributes are also updated according to the best BIC found, so calling Mclust on the resulting ouput will return the corresponding best model (see example).

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if (FALSE) { data(galaxies, package = "MASS") galaxies <- galaxies / 1000 # use several random starting points BIC <- NULL for(j in 1:100) { rBIC <- mclustBIC(galaxies, verbose = FALSE, initialization = list(hcPairs = hcRandomPairs(galaxies))) BIC <- mclustBICupdate(BIC, rBIC) } pickBIC(BIC) plot(BIC) mod <- Mclust(galaxies, x = BIC) summary(mod) }